In this project a evaluation of four tools for meta data extraction was made.


In the report CODA-META, a description of the evaluation of four tools for meta data extraction is found. The tools have been evaluated by testing them on a total of 27 files of different formats and versions.

The analyze was made using the following norms, produced by the CODA group:
• General technical and describing meta data
• Technical meta data for video formats
• Technical meta data for sound files
• Technical meta data for the format .tiff
• Technical meta data for text formats

Test results were compared and the metadata tools were ranked. The best software turned out to be Exiftool which extracts metadata from a majority of the files tested against pre-determined protocols.

CODA-META 2008 - in Swedish

[ /cms_fs/1.49845!/coda-meta.pdf]

CODA-META 2008 - in English

[ /cms_fs/1.49845!/coda-meta_english.pdf]

Published: 17 June 2009

Updated: 7 April 2010