Swebrec - Swedish Blasting Research Centre

Swebrec is a part of the Division of mining and geotechnical engineering at the Department of
Civil, Environmental and Natural resources engineering.


  • Give stakeholders of important research
  • Be the leading R & D group in civil blasting

Swebrec Research Areas

Explosives properties - detonics

  • Cylinder expansion tests &camp; effects

Rock fragmentation

  • Optimisation of blasting-crushing
  • Bench blasting model
  • Blasting against compacted rock
  • Size distributions of blasted rock
  • Fragmentation in sublevel caving
  • Potential of image analysis

Blast damage

  • Smaller production holes in open pits
  • Damage around production holes

Blast vibrations

  • Lower vibration levels from production blasts

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Published: 26 February 2015

Luleå University of Technology