Kajsa De Bourg
Kajsa De Bourg, 21 years. From Karlskrona in Blekinge. Higher Education Diploma Programme in Real Estate Brokerage, first year.

A new sauna lover

A few years ago, Kajsa De Bourg had no idea that she would be an estate agent. She caught the eye of the profession during her time as an au pair in USA. A friend of the host family sold properties, Kajsa was intrigued and decided to apply to Luleå University of Techonology. Now she loves the life in the north of Sweden.

– I don´t think that I will end up in Blekinge again, I'm stuck up here. I want to live in the country and work with selling houses and farms.

Kajsa is a person who really likes winter, snow and skiing, so she chose to study in Luleå.

– In Karlskrona it takes ten hours to get to the good ski slopes. Here we have Riksgränsen just a few hours away. And I think that if you're moving somewhere, you might as well do it properly, she says with a smile.

To study at LTU

Kajsa begins enthusiastically to speak about the positive welcome, the introduction period* and the first meeting with the class. Of 42 students are only a few from here. The rest comes from other parts of Sweden and everybody knows everybody.

– We study a lot together and helps each other. The atmosphere during the lectures is relaxed. The teachers knows us well and you can always ask for things. The funniest course so far has been the law course, to learn how to use the statue book. It is something that can benefit the private life as well.

How is the student life?

– Many events are organized on campus and the shopping in town is much better than in my hometown, that was a surprise. It happens a lot more here than you think.

Before Kajsa moved here she hated the sauna, but now she uses it several times a week. A group of friends runs something they call sauna-sms "Hey! Let´s meet in the sauna today."

– We cook together, take a sauna, talk, have a beer and then we throw ourselves in the snow. We did it a couple of weeks ago when it was -30, but it was a little too cold, says Kajsa with a laugh.


*Introduction period. Two weeks of voluntary introduction to the new program students.

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Published: 28 February 2012

Updated: 27 February 2015

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