Peter Hedlund, 27 years, from Lulea. Studies MBA, the third year.

From poker to international marketing

After eight years as a successful and professional poker player Peter Hedlund wanted to do something else. He chose an MBA program at Luleå University of Technology. Now, he has focused on marketing.
– Marketing is not just about making "sexy" ads. The strategy is very important.

Peter has also an international interest. In the autumn of 2011 he went to Singapore as an exchange student for four months. He describes it as the funniest and best part of the studies so far.

– Above all, it is good for the CV but also very instructive. You get to meet new people, try to live in another country, meet a new culture and test yourself in many ways.

About the program at LTU

Now he's back at LTU in which he takes two different courses: industrial and international marketing. I ask him to explain what it means.

– In industrial marketing, you look at specific conditions that apply in marketing to other companies. In the course we do a project where we interview a purchasing manager. We want to find out who is responsible for purchasing, who influences them, how often purchases are made and how to market themselves against other companies, says Peter.

– In international marketing, we learn how to do international business in the light of cultural differences and language barriers. After that, we design a marketing campaign.

What have you learned so far?

– The first year is very general with a lot of economics. You learn, for example, how banking systems, currencies and the world economy works. You also study basic accounting and marketing.

Future plans

Peter's goal now is to take the exam. In the future, he wants to work as a consultant, preferably in an international market. For him, it is important not to do the same thing every day.

- As a consultant, you can get into a business, gain an understanding of their particular situation and suggest solutions. It suits me.

Published: 30 March 2012


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