Simon Karlsson
Simon Karlsson, 22 years. From Norrköping in Östergötland. Master Programme in Business and Economics, specializing in accounting and management, third year.

Left basketball and became a part of the LTU-family

Prior to the studies Simon Karlsson lived in Norrköping where he was a professional basketball player. He left the sport in 2009 to become a student at Luleå University of Technology and the Master Programme in Business and Economics. For him it was important to invest in a long-lasting profession.

— I chose between Linköping and Luleå, but Linköping is very close to my hometown and I wanted to try something new. I've always wanted to live in the north because of the snow and the tempo. In addition, there are both basketball and hockey teams at the elite level in Luleå and I'm very interested in sports. Many think that Luleå is very far away, but it can be an advantage if you want to become self reliant.

Simon moved up without knowing anyone. He says that the introduction period* so far has been one of the most enjoyable events.

— I think it is one of the best in the Sweden. One must not participate, but it is a good opportunity to meet new friends.

What is it like being a student at LTU?

— The best thing about studying here are all the people from different parts of Sweden and the world. It's very easy to meet new people as most of them are in the same situation. Many have moved pretty far, but when you come here you get a whole new family. One need never feel alone.

The funniest and most instructive part of the programme is to work with sharp cases towards different companies.

— We get a case with real numbers, where we will find solutions on different things. There is a link with reality and it is not just theory. Furthermore, we get a lot of feedback and good advice from teachers.

The good relationship with the teachers is something that Simon think is positive.

— You can always go to them with your questions. Usually they take time even if they are busy. I think that's important and very nice. It's like being in high school, but much larger.

His goal of education is to have a fun job and his dream is to start a business.

— I want to feel that I contribute to something, especially to a pleasant working environment. The hours that we spend on our jobs are important. I think it's fun to influence people and would like to work as a leader. But the main thing is that it is versatile. Whether I choose to work as an accountant, consultant or manager. I'd rather be broad than niche.

In addition to the studies Simon is an active and committed person in many ways. He is the head of the students Economics Department at LTU, and has worked part time as a recruitment consultant. In addition to basketball and weight training he spends much time on the treadmill.

- I'm aiming to run city marathon in May!

Would you recommend anyone to study here?

-Yes of course! It can be tough initially, but when you have passed that period, it feels like you could do this forever. It is very good and much fun here.


*Introduction period. Two weeks of voluntary introduction to the new program students.

Published: 1 March 2012


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