Drop-In: Business Idea

Do you already have a business idea or are curious about how to start a business? A business coach will help you to structure the idea, finding ways forward, seek funding and get inspired to become a successful entrepreneur.

We offer the following assistance:

  • Business coach has drop-in on Tuesdays on Go Business in Piteå and Thursdays at the Career Center in Luleå - always from 9:00 to 15:00. In Skellefteå and Kiruna please book an appointment.

  • Look out for our inspiring lectures in the calendar .

You can also make an appointment with the business coach via email:  


In preparation for your first meeting with a business coach, you should consider the following:

  • Describe your general idea.
  • What need/problem is the idea going to solve?
  • Who will use the product or service?
  • What qualitiesmakes your product/service unique?
  • How did the idea come about?
  • Who is involved in the idea?
  • Will there be any other companies involved in your idea, or any agreements related to the idea?
  • What skills are missing in order for you to move forward?
  • Describe the ambitions you have with this business idea!
  • What role do you see yourself having in the development of the business idea?
  • Can you imagine someone else evaluating or developing your idea?


Other players

In addition to the business coaches are other actors who will help you along with your business idea. Here are Coompanion, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and Venture Cup. More info about the different organizations is below. Please book a time with the person you want to meet!


Coompanion are regularly on site and have drop-in, seminars and lunch lectures about starting their own business, self employment - simplified entrepreneurship, etc.

Are you curious to start together? Did you just decided you, or have you halfway through the process and need advice?

You can contact Elena Peverada via email elena.peverada@coompanion.se , and make an appointment for a consultation with her. Coompanion counseling is free!

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an exchange where new entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to travel to an EU country and work with an experienced entrepreneur in 1-6 months.

New Entrepreneur count those planning to start a business or those who have a talk that run in a maximum of three years. The new contractor is financially supported through the project and matched together with a contractor based on preference. Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce runs the project Erasmus for young entrepreneurs.

For more information contact Natalie Sidén, natalie@north.cci.se , 072-566 56 60th

Venture Cup

Venture Cup is Sweden's leading event for those who want to develop your business idea into a successful business concept and start a business.

We want to develop and inspire entrepreneurs and therefore offers regional as digital training, supervision and professional feedback on business ideas submitted to the contest.

To give you as participants the best possible chance to succeed with business ideas also organize trainings, workshops, podcast series and other inspirational occasions, all tailored to the competition process to guide you in business development.

Please contact Therese Wikberg therese.wikberg@venturecup.se for more information.

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Published: 6 August 2014

Updated: 26 November 2014

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