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Linda Brännström graduated in 2005 after studying at the, then two-year audio engineering education. In 2007, the education grew into a three year program with the opportunity to apply for a degree with specialization audio technology. Today Linda on cinematic Post AB, Sound Effect Artist / Foley Artist.

- Audio Engineering program is a fantastic foundation. It has helped me in my profession as a live technician, radio technician and now as a movie sound technician, says Linda, the best part of the education is the mixture of very useful theory that electricity telecommunications and acoustics, and practical data, the authors conclude.

Recognised training

Today, audio engineering education at the Music Academy, at Luleå universtiet, one of flandets most famous university education in audio engineering, but as soon as Linda Brännström studied here was the training of high quality.

- They are thinking substances and ambitious teacher gave me a broad knowledge and a sense of security when I came into work. School of Music also has very good contacts and reputation in the industry around in Sweden so it was easy to get in touch with the company afterwards.

More than just study

Seven years after graduation summarizes Linda what the training is still giving her, in addition to the theory and practice that was held during class time.

- I am very pleased to have gone to the Audio Engineering program. I have friends for life and a huge network of former students and talented classmates who I am and happy to assist and cooperate with.

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Published: 10 April 2012

Luleå University of Technology