Ninni Rönnqvist, 44 years, from Lulea. Studying psychology, the third and final year.

"It has been fun all the way"

After 20 years in banking Ninni Rönnqvist began to study psychology at Luleå University of Technology.
- I had only heard good things about LTU. I chose psychology because I wanted to do something new and go for what really interests me. It is the funniest thing I have done, it has been fun all the way!

Ninni says she has always been interested in people and how we function. But also how she works with others. The class consists of young and old, boys and girls - a combination that gives different perspectives to the discussions. She says that some people in the class have joined in a study-group.

– We have done a lot together, such as studying for exams. We often discuss things. It is necessary. Psychology is a talkative subject. I have had the great fortune to have really good people around me. I think we helped each other a lot.

What have you been taught during your education?

– Very much! Above all, to think critically. The newspapers often present scientific data and results from different studies in my field. It is important to know how to read the reports and what one need to question. It is something that teachers have talked a lot about during my education.

– But I've also learned about perception, how we perceive things. And about coaching and motivational psychology that I think is really interesting. At one point we had to do a personality test. It was very educational. Mediation was a supreme course. It was also the reason I got to work as a mediator in situations related to juvenile delinquency. It's a great experience.

What's the best part of being a student at LTU?

– Regardless of what I have needed help with, I have been professionally treated. The librarians are really good. They give that little extra. I like that the university is a bit smaller. At the same time, it always happens things here and students are coming from all over the world.

Life after LTU

Ninni has chosen a specialisation in investigation. Her goal is obviously to be working with people in any way. She wants to find a place where she can contribute i all ways.

– The dream is to find a job that I really enjoy, says Ninni.

Page Editor and Contact: Melina Granberg

Published: 13 April 2012


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