Mikaela Ericsson, 23 years, from Uppsala. Studying Bachelor Programme in Jurisprudence, first year.

Aims to become a good lawyer with a large walk in closet

Mikaela Eriksson stepped out on the platform in Lulea, after 15 hours on the train. She had no idea how she would get to her temporary accommodation at the hostel with five suitcases.
- A guy who I met at the train station offered himself to drive me. He studys here too. Then I felt - this will be good. I feel really welcome.

Mikaela has previously studied human rights and business law. After a break from the studies and job in a shoe store, she decided to seek jurisprudence at Luleå University of Technology.

– I want to be a good lawyer. My dream now is to work with human rights. I want to make a difference and do something I feel strongly about. It is important for me to have fun in all ways, and feeling good. And I wish I was rich and had a huge walk in closet, says Mikaela and delivers a wonderful laugh.

What was it like to move to Luleå?

– When it was time to move here, I got a little panicked, because I've never been here before. Like many others, I had preconceived ideas, but now they are gone. I thought for example that it would be so boring here. And people are not nearly as quiet as I thought, says Mikaela.

Norrbotten has impressed

When it was minus 35 Mikaela was almost freezing to death, but realized that she was not alone. Even the Norrlanders thought it was a bit too cold. Now she has seen reindeers, gone dog sledding and been skiing for the first time. In addition, she has plans to go with the class to Kebnekaise.

– I really like it here. I've always been a city person, so I'm a bit surprised myself, says Mikaela.

What is it like studying at LTU?

– The best part is that LTU is a smaller university. If you need help from the teachers you get it. They also provide tips on how to think for the exam. I have studied at other universities before, but I didn´t learn nearly as much as now. It's easy to get to know people here. The fellowship is very good and you feel at home. I like that.

Would you recommend anyone to apply to LTU ?

– I have already recommended a friend to start studying this and she has applied. I think you should try the life in the north. I really enjoy it here and I feel happy. For real!

Page Editor and Contact: Melina Granberg

Published: 12 April 2012


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