Practical sessions are an important part of education. Here are studied gold-bearing quartz veins in Björkdal mine and sedimentary rocks in Cyprus.

Ores and Minerals - A specialization within the Master of Natural Resources Engineering

The focus Ores and Minerals in Natural Resources Engineering is to find nature's treasures. In our daily life, we rely on products created from ores and minerals, but the sustainable use of natural resources is a prerequisite for a viable society.

Ores and Minerals in the Natural Resource Technology program covers methods for finding and extracting ores and minerals in a manner that minimizes human impact on our environment.

Natural Resources Engineering is the only engineering degree with specialization in earth sciences and natural resources

Through field trips to geologically active areas creates a better understanding of geological processes them. Here investigated volcanic formations in Chile.

In education, many elements with exercises that combine theory and practice. In several courses made excursions both within Sweden and abroad to get a better and deeper understanding of the subject.

In education, you also have the opportunity to exchange with one of our alliance universities for example Nancy / France and Monash / Australia or in Nordic Mining School, where you can read some of the courses.

The program ends in the fifth year last semester with a degree that can be done both in Sweden and abroad. In consultation with a researcher / teacher and a business you choose an interesting project. The work can also be performed at a research institute or a college / university.

A future job with the whole world as a field of employment

The program offers broad expertise in your professional future, where you can be active in the operation, development or management position in the exploration, mining and minerals industry. In the current situation is very good employment in the minerals and mining sector. It depends on a global surge in demand for natural resources and a growing awareness of the importance of sustainable resource use.

Field work in the Kiruna mountains

Working with ore geology and exploration may involve much stay in the countryside to find and exploit natural resources, often in places you would otherwise rarely visit in Sweden and abroad. The tasks can be highly variable and often creative challenges. They can switch from gathering information in the countryside one day to be with computer systems to process and evaluate this data the next day.

Training of Civil Engineering

You start training with the basic courses for engineers and an introduction to the subject area natural resource technologies. Then you select a focus on Ore & Mineral (or Environment & Water), after year two increases the element of specialization courses in order to completely dominate the last two years.

The training is given entirely in English for the last two years, together with international students, which allows for a stimulating cultural exchange. You will be well equipped to head out into the world of work where the choice is yours where in the world you want to work.

Contact: Glenn Bark


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