300 Credits

Master Programme in Natural Resources Engineering

Programme, bachelor's - master's level

NATURAL RESOURCES ENGINEERING encompasses knowledge and methods for utilising natural resources. Focus is on mineral and water resources and related technologies. This includes all steps from exploration, through extraction, beneficiation, reclamation and mitigation.

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Autumn2015Offered only in Swedish
Autumn2014Offered only in Swedish

The programme syllabus includes a description of the programme structure and its courses. The programme overview shows the order in which the courses in the programme are carried out. The qualification descriptor includes local and central requirements that must be met for a particular degree. In order to fulfill the course requirements a student can attend a programme or if no programme is offered take free standing courses that meets the requirements in the list of compulsory courses for the exam.

Programme syllabus Programme overview Qualification descriptor for Degree of Master of Science in Engineering, Natural Resources Engineering

Published: 31 January 2014

Updated: 27 February 2015

Luleå University of Technology