Trainee - 6 month training period

Since 1977 Luleå University of Technology has offered a 6 month long period of in-practice training

Among all the companies and agencies that receive trainees who are driving the development of semi-annual practice, Boliden, BDX, In3prenör, JM, Municipalities, Land Survey, County Councils, LKAB, MAE, NCC, Nåiden, Peab, Prefab Masters, Ramboll, SA Englund, Skanska, Sweco, Vattenfall, the Swedish Transport Administration, WSP and others.

Students will have the opportunity to get to know the companies and businesses that offer internships under "Practice Evening" in mid-February.

Students taking self-responsibility to seek out their internship but may, if necessary, the help of the department. After the application and personal contacts with companies and organizations representatives, students an internship which also means a job with pay. Refer to the document entitled "The Tutor Letter" below.

Additional information about the semi-annual practice, see documents below.

Trainee Documents

Information to student

[ /cms_fs/1.80552!/file/Information%20to%20student.pdf]

Supervisor letter for 7 month training period

[ /cms_fs/1.80552!/file/Supervisor%20letter%20for%207%20month%20training%20period.pdf]

Training outline consultant

[ /cms_fs/1.80552!/file/Training%20outline%20consultant.pdf]

Training outline contractor

[ /cms_fs/1.80552!/file/Training%20outline%20contractor.pdf]


[ /cms_fs/1.80552!/file/Reports.pdf]

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