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Master Programme in Civil Engineering, with specialization in mining and Geotechnical Engineering, 120.0 Credits

Facts 2011/12

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Entry requirements

General entry requirements, second cycle

Specific entry

Bachelors degree of minimum 180 ECTS with at least 60 ECTS in the area of mining technology, constructions technology or nature resource technology. At least 22,5 credits in Mathematics at university level is required.

Applicants must have documented skills in English corresponding to the level of English in Swedish upper secondary education (English B). Proven language proficiency in English, can for example be shown by an international English test as TOEFL or IELTS. Some specified university studies can also be equivalent. You can find the details at the attached link.

Documented skills in English language

Education level

Second cycle


Degree of Master (Two Years)


The selection procedure is based on academic qualifications, quality and quantity aspects

This two-year international university programme leads to a M.Sc. Degree in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering from Luleå University of Technology.
The objective is to provide students with scientifically founded engineering tools and skills in modern mining and geotechnical engineering.

Sweden is Europe’s leading nation when it comes to mining and metallurgy. Due to the favourable geological settings in northern Sweden, this part of the country has become the major ore producer in the European Union. It is within this environment that the ore and metal producing industry has developed and grown to become a world leader in production efficiency and automation. Sweden has also developed a strong reputation in other rock related areas such as tunnelling, infrastructural constructions and in production and commercialisation of industrial minerals and aggregates. All with a strong focus on the sustainable utilisation of resources while at the same time assuming social and environmental responsibility.
In this fruitful environment, the mining equipment manufacturing industry, with brands familiar to most mining professionals around the world, has developed world-class mining machinery.

The programme comprises of a package of advanced courses, additional higher courses and a M.Sc. thesis project.
Through the lay-out of the program with compulsory courses and a number of advanced optional courses a high degree of specialisation is possible. The student can specialise in:
Production, production planning and automation
Rock mechanics
Soil Mechanics
Or in any combination of the above
In the concluding M.Sc. thesis project this specialisation can be confirmed.

Labour market
Luleå University of Technology aim to be the first choice for the inquisitive M.Sc. candidate and the programme in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering constitute a good base for future careers in the global mining sector.
Soil and rock materials are used in a wide range of applications, which is why this specialization opens many possibilities for future employment, both regarding work tasks and geographic locations.

More information
Luleå University of Technology is the only Swedish university offering education in the field of mining and geotechnical engineering and with a strong R&D profile. The divisions of Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, and Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering constitute the biggest unit for soil and rock related research in Sweden, which also is significant on the European scale. The university is well known for its strong international profile with students and faculty exchanges involving a number of universities throughout the world.

Applicants to the M.Sc. programme in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering at Luleå University of Technology must fulfil the requirements for admission regarding basic knowledge in mining, rock mechanics, and soil mechanics.

Andreas Eitzenberger,, 0920-49 22 67


Application code: LTU-90108
Last day for application: 17 Jan 2011
Starting semester: Autumn 2011
Course pace: 100%
Teaching hours: Daytime
Form of study: Normal
Language: English
Place: Luleå


Published: 18 March 2011

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