Photo: I & Co, students at the university won the Swedish Championship in Yukigassen
Student Team I & Co on the podium after winning this year's Championship in Yukigassen at Luleå University of Technology

New LTU team won the Swedish Championship in Yukigassen

After a tough final against Team Piteå KREwasion Invasion this year's Swedish Championship in Yukigassen was won by I & Co. The team, made up of students studying Industrial Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, has devoted much time to prepare and are pleased with their victory.

The winning team I & Co immediately after the final whistle. Photo Pontus Edman. See more photos of Pontus Edman at the bottom of the article.
Mårten Sandström, student and spokesman for the team I & Co

- It is the third year we play in Yukigassen SM, the first year we came second and had the opportuniti to go to the European Championships in Finland and last year, we finished third and this year we won and it's fantastic, says Mårten Sandström the team's spokesman.

Even the Championship title in fireworks were held in the evening, between four competing teams, and won by a team from Chalmers University of Technology.

- The winner has by a colorful variation and with a rhythmic pace, lighting up Luleå winter darkness in a crispy and artistic way, explained the jury chairman.

Johan Sterte Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology

This year's Championships in Yukigassen, where 16 teams competed, inaugurated traditionally by Johan Sterte Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology. He noted that snowball contest now evolved into an SM worthy of its name and pointed out that it is students at Luleå University of Technology who took the initiative so that the Japanese snowball fight has its own Championship in Sweden, now well established.

- I think we all must work for it to become an Olympic sport, if not before, so to 2026, said John Sterte.

Anita Louise Rubach and Kjell Kjær from Harstad in northern Norway

The interest in snowball sport has grown over the years which was clarified by an audience, counted during the whole evening, most likely at least 1000 people.

- Yes, people did come and go during the night and I believe that about as many have been here and by that one can be totally satisfied, says Karin Jonsson LTU's project manager for SM in Yukigassen.

Right from Harstad in northern Norway came Anita Louise Rubach and Kjell Kjær to watch the fireworks and SM in Yukigassen.

- It is very good and we came here just for this, said the happy couple

University Director Staffan Sarbäck playing in the Vice Chancellors team on all his four legs after the game

In the initial qualifying games, where all 16 teams would be "measured in", you could note that the veterans  and last year's winner of the Yukigassen SM, Backyard Porsön, did well. The Vice Chancellors team wasn´t that lucky and the team was forced to see themselves beaten by the LKAB team.

Before the semi-finals the exitement was concentrated in four teams, where I & Co got the opportunity to meet a pro basketball team with the name Armada. Last year's winners Backyard Porsön met KREwasion invasion. A little bit unespected perhaps, that the basketball players in Armada was defeated by the LTU student team I & Co. Although the team was in good spirits.

Hakan Larsson, legendary professional basketball player and coach of ARMADA with players from LF and Northland basket teams

- Really fun game, but we are cruelly disappointed, said coach Håkan Larsson.

The second semifinal match got a turbulent end after closed judgments deliberation. The defending champions in Yukigassen three years a row was defeated by the team KREwation Invation which is a mixed team of students and their buddies from Piteå.

Last year's winners Backyard Porsön were defeated in this year's Championship in Yukigassen

The Bronzematch was a bit of an anticlimax many people thought, while others laughed at it. Three fixed up sets became more theatrical than an ordinary match and finally the whole thing was settled by throwing snowballs at plastic bags until hit, a final test that was won by Backyard Porsön.

In the decisive finale, as earlier staded,  I & Co became the year's Swedish champion in Yukigassen.

The snow swirled about the players. Photo Pontus Edman
Opponents get a taste of hard balls. Image Pontus Edman
Fireworks SM lit up the night sky in the game pause. Image Pontus Edman
Embraces on the line. Photo Pontus Edman
Adam Danisovic, Head Judge. Image Pontus Edman
So was this year's Championship in Yukigassen over. Image Pontus Edman

Page Editor and Contact: Leif Nyberg

Published: 26 February 2012

Luleå University of Technology