Computer Workstations

You log in using your user identity on all computer workstations that you are authorized for.

For General Use

Windows terminals can be found spread around the campuses in Luleå and Piteå and can be used by all students. The programs they have installed are mainly intended for office tasks and Internet access. Some are located in group rooms that can be booked.

Remark: Their Windows environment can also be accessed from other LTU computers with software for RDP (Remote Desktop). Use the address

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Short intro for terminal work

Necessary programs to start


Automatic login in web based systems

In connection to the Service and maintenance weekend February 21-23rd 2014, a function will be turned on called Single Sign On. This means you will be automatically logged in to some web based systems when logging in to the computers in the student computer labs. The systems this concerns are the web based system using CAS login, for example My LTU and Adobe Connect.

If you are logged in to a computer and your classmate need to check their email, you will need to use a specific URL when opening a new web browser window to avoid the automatic login to, for example, My LTU. Below is a link on how to do this.

IMPORTANT! Remember to log off from your computer when you are leaving the work station, otherwise anyone can get access to your student account via My LTU.

How to avoid automatic CAS login

Instructions how to avoid automatic CAS login in the browser


For Special Use

Many departments have computer rooms adapted for their own areas of specialisation through, for example, the programs installed, capacity or peripheral equipment. They are mainly available for students who are studying the department’s courses or programmes. 

Information about our computer labs - Campus Piteå

Home directory and shortcuts specifically for computer labs in Piteå

[ /cms_fs/1.16205!/file/Info_datorsalar_Pitea_HT2014eng.pdf]

Connecting to Linux terminal servers (LTU)

Connection is by means of a thinlinc client.

Download client from here

Install thinlinc client

Start thinlinc Client

Connect with:

Log in with your student user account.

Published: 15 November 2006

Updated: 21 December 2014

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