Diagnostic Radiology Nursing


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Study guides autumn 2016

M0066H (RTGLtu_2omvtekn) Study RTG SSK term2

[http://www.ltu.se /cms_fs/1.86332!/file/Studiehandledning%20M0066H%20HT%2016.pdf]

M0066H (RTGLtu_2omvtekn) Assessment Form rtg term 2

[http://www.ltu.se /cms_fs/1.86332!/file/Bed%C3%B6mningsformul%C3%A4r%20HT16%20M0066H.pdf]

M0070H Study, rtg term 2, ht15

[http://www.ltu.se /cms_fs/1.86332!/file/Studiehandledning%20M0070H%202016.pdf]

M0057H (RTGLtu_4konvrtg) Study, Diagnostic Radiology Nursing term 4

[http://www.ltu.se /cms_fs/1.86332!/file/Studiehandledning%20M0057H%20-%202016.pdf]

M0057H (RTGLtu_4konvrtg) Assessment Form, rtg term 4

[http://www.ltu.se /cms_fs/1.86332!/file/Bed%C3%B6mningsformul%C3%A4r%20M0057H%20-%202016.pdf]

M0065H (RTGLtu_6akutrtg) Study

[http://www.ltu.se /cms_fs/1.86332!/file/M0065H%20Studiehandledning%2C%20ht16.pdf]

M0065H (RTGLtu_6akutrtg) Assessment Form rtg term 6

[http://www.ltu.se /cms_fs/1.86332!/file/M0065H%20Bed%C3%B6mningsformul%C3%A4r%2C%20ht16.pdf]

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