Students with disabilities/reading and writing impairments

If you have reading or writing impairments or any other kind of disability, there are possibilities for making alternative arrangements in the exam situation.

This could include an extended exam time, sitting the exam in a private room or on a computer.

In order for the exam administration office to make such an arrangement, you need to be registered with the coordinator and have his/her approval for the arrangement.

Contact the coordinator by e-mail: if you have any questions


Please note that you are required both to register for an exam at My LTU and apply for an extended exam time, etc.

The form must be sent to the exam administration office no later than the closing registration date for the exam period/resit period in question.

If you are unable to sit the exam because of illness or other circumstances you need to notify the exam administration office by e-mail at:

Application for special arrangements for exams


Service for students with disabilities/problems with reading and writing


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Published: 29 March 2011

Updated: 28 April 2015

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