Contacts - Finances and Planning

You are welcome to ask questions in our areas of accounting and procurement, and telephone number preceded by the (0920) 49 for external calls

Chief Financial Officer: Rose-Marie Kero, ext 3804, rose-marie.kero @

Payment Reminders
Josefina Westermark, ext 2420, (Customer Invoices)
Marielle Nilsson, ext 3809, (Supplier Invoices)

Electronic invoice
Britta Holmgren, ext 1503, britta.holmgren @

Stina Spiik, ext 2514,

Accounts Receivable
Erika Bergman, ext 1580, (Receipts)

Josefina Westermark, ext 2420, (Receipts)
Marita Perdahl, ext 1689, (Invoice)

Counterparty Financial Accounting, Government Accounting Hermes
Eivor Ek-Bäckman, ext 1542, eivor.ekh-backman @ (Liabilities and Costs)

Marielle Nilsson, ext 3809, (Receivables and Revenues)

Accounting issues, general
Anette Löfstedt, ext 2157, anette.lofstedt @

Procurement Issues
Christer Fjellström, ext 1899, christer.fjellstrom @

Annual Report
Anette Löfstedt, ext 2157, anette.lofstedt @

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Published: 27 September 2011

Updated: 20 August 2014