Grad Show 2012
Laurie Brugger, Framestore comments Jens Helgesons "1910"

LTU students met the world´s leading visual effects and computer game companies

Several of the world´s most successful companies in visual effects and computer games visited Campus Skelleftea for Grad Show 2012. Students from Computer game development and Computer graphics at Luleå University of Technology presented their projects which were of big interest for the company recruiters.

The London-based companies Moving Picture Company, Double Negative and Framestore together with the Swedish companies, Digital Illusions and Fido Film represented the elite of the computer games and visual effect companies. The visual effect companies are known for their effects in movies such as Avatar, Harry Potter, Inception, Sherlock Holmes, The Golden Compass and the computer game company Digital Illusions,  for their Battlefield series.

Mattias Lindahl, VFX supervisor, Fido Film, Stockholm
Björn Arvidsson, Anneli Larsson and Ludvig Orvegård together with Thom Archer, Double Negative
Sebastian Salonen, Computer Game Engineering
Viktor Arvidsson and Tobias Widlund in discussion with Joakim Lindqvist, Dice
Tom Reed and Matt Rock, both MPC looking at Mariusz Waclawek "Creature for Games"
Anna Swift and Laurie Brugger, Framestore
Sarah Fahlesson, Computer Game Engineering with the projekt "Simple Tower Defense"
Anders Lorentzen, Computer Graphic and "Props for Games"

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