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Programme, master's level:
MSc Waste Management The need of advanced waste management is global and of increasing importance as the use of material threatens to deplete resources and contaminate the biosphere. The master program at LTU focus on developing practical skills in assessing and developing solutions for a broad range of challenges associated with waste management.
Programme, bachelor's level:
Do you want to work with the interaction between people and technology for future media? Then the Master of Science in Media Technology program is for you! Media Technology blends studies in technology and media, where you become specialized in the development of future tools and applications for production, distribution and consumption of media.
Programme, bachelor's level:
NATURAL RESOURCES ENGINEERING encompasses knowledge and methods for utilising natural resources. Focus is on mineral and water resources and related technologies. This includes all steps from exploration, through extraction, beneficiation, reclamation and mitigation.

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Published: 4 October 2014

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