Health assessment Previa

Luleå University of Technology offers you as a new employee and have a job that lasts longer than six months to undergo, free in the hiring of our occupational health. The university has an agreement with the Occupational Previa.

As an employee at Luleå University of Technology, you can book an appointment:

  • Health assessment in the context of hiring and every two years since the age of 55 years
  • Consultation visits for work-related disorders
  • The first two visits to medical professionals
  • Ergonomic workstation review after consultation with line manager

The medical examination in connection with recruitment included:

  • Questionnaire about their medical history, current conditions and questions about lifestyle. The form you get sent home in connection with the appointment. The completed form will take you to the visit to the Previa.
  • BMI (height, weight and body mass index)
  • Sampling (blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure)
  • Hearing and vision control



Page Editor and Contact: Karin Forsmark

Published: 14 November 2011

Updated: 28 November 2013