In the event of crisis

At a workplace of our size needed a crisis response. Although we have so far been spared major accidents, we have experience of illness, death and other crises. The crisis plan in effect at Luleå University of Technology and as Vice-Chancellor has determined can be found on the university's intranet under the heading Direct Links. The Emergency Plan includes both students and employees.

In order to know who or who should be notified if you experience any kind of accident on the way to or from work or during your working hours, you have the opportunity to fill the form with details of contact person / s. This form will send you to your payroll administrator.

Guidelines for Secondary employment at the university

At Luleå University of Technology, there are rules for employees secondary employment, with Seconadary employment means extra work (the employment office or business) in addition to regular activities.


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Guidelines of Seconadary employment

[http://www.ltu.se /cms_fs/1.415!/file/Guidelines%20on%20secondary%20employment%20at%20Lule%C3%A5%20University%20of%20Technology.pdf]

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