Overall strategic objectives

Based on our vision and target image, we have chosen to give priority to the following overall strategic objectives for research, education, culture and the environment:

Joint overall objectives

  • We are an obvious choice for students, employees and cooperation partners
  • We contribute actively through our research, education, culture and cooperation in the development of an attractive, sustainable society
  • Our results give us a well-deserved reputation in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world
  • We communicate our results to broad target groups regionally, nationally and internationally
  • We are an active part of the international academic community

Our research that contributes to change

  • Our research results have great impact on the renewal of knowledge, innovation and practical benefits
  • We are leaders in our strong areas of research and innovation
  • We strengthen our successful position as an attractive cooperation partner
  • We have a high-technology infrastructure that supports our experimental profile
  • Our doctors are sought-after and take leading positions in society

Our programmes that challenge

  • Our programmes stimulate creativity, curiosity, critical thinking and initiative
  • Our students have close contact with working life throughout the whole of their programme
  • Our programmes have large amounts of choice – students create their own profiles
  • Our students are successful in working life
  • We are leaders in the field of lifelong learning
  • We are known for our educational profile

Our culture and environment that inspire

  • Our culture and working climate are characterized by common values based on respect, openness, cooperation, trust and responsibility
  • We have good accommodation for all students near to our campus
  • Our campus environments are inspiring and alive for students, employees and visitors
  • We have clear, trustworthy and responsible leadership and employeeship.
  • Our students and staff feel an affinity with and are proud to belong to Luleå University of Technology

Page Editor and Contact: Katarina Karlsson

Published: 2 February 2012

Updated: 27 February 2014