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At the division approximately 1000 m2 laboratories and a large amount of instruments and other equipment is available.

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Jonas Helmerius


Instrument descriptions

Bioprocesslab - bioreactors for microbial production of chemicals, materials and fuel, and peptide synthesis, analysis and separation equipment

Spectroscopic equipment (FTIR, FT-Raman and NMR) for chemical analysis and analysis of interfaces between phases at the molecular level, like for example. spaces between mineral particles and water, tribological surfaces and wooden surfaces.

Equipment in the lab and bänskskala for the study of hydro-and pyro-metallurgical reaction processes, kinetics and jämviksförhållanden.

High-resolution scanning electron microscopy for the analysis of nanoparticles and porous structures, like for example. zeolitmembran.

Equipment for particle analysis: chemical composition, the measurement of particle size distribution, particle density, specific surface area (BET), contact angle, surface tension, zeta-potential

Equipment in particle technology and physical separation methods: decomposition, particle size, density separation, separation of electric and magnetic fields, flotation

Lab safety

Division of Chemical Engineering

Safe Handling of Gas Cylinders

[ /cms_fs/1.104154!/file/Safe%20Handling%20of%20Gas%20Cylinders.pdf]

Information on laboratory work for new employees

[ /cms_fs/1.104154!/file/Information%20on%20laboratory%20work%20for%20new%20employees%20Division%20of%20Sustainable%20Process%20Engineering%20%28SPE%29.pdf]


[ /cms_fs/1.104154!/file/HEALTH%20%20SAFETY%20RULES%20ON%20WORKING%20WITH%20CHEMICALS.pdf]

Information on Purchasing Registration Storage and Handling of Chemical Products

[ /cms_fs/1.104154!/file/Information%20on%20Purchasing%20Registration%20Storage%20and%20Handling%20of%20Chemical%20Products%20at%20the%20Division%20of%20SPE.pdf]

Safe handling of gas at the Laboratory SPE

[ /cms_fs/1.104154!/file/Safe%20handling%20of%20gas%20at%20the%20Laboratory%20SPE.pdf]

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