Next year, the contest for ski and snowboard tricks will be held directly on the campus at the Luleå University of Technology. Photo Johan Palmqvist.

LTU first with stationary Big Jump on Campus

For the winter season 2013/14 it will be there, right on campus in Luleå - a big jump for ski and snowboard tricks.

-Now it's finally done! We will become the first university in Sweden, which will have its own big jump in the middle of campus, throughout the winter season, says Christopher Sellberg, student  in Space Engineering,  at LTU and organizer of the contest Spring Session, by  Stil Alpina, at theLuleå  university of Technology.

In this year's competioen Spring Session at LTU, there was served a daredevil show in Måttsundsbacken, just a 20 minute bus ride from campus at LTU. Twenty snowboarders and skiers took part in this year's Spring Session, a competition aimed at sleek and stylish trick in Måttsund hill's Big Jump.

In connection with the competition was revealed - big news for a many alpine students at campus in Luleå:

-Now we get snowboarding and skiing right on Campus, so if you have a break between lectures, one can take on your skis or board and take some hope. It is exciting that the municipality wants to invest in us so that we reach out to a big audience. So next year, Spring Session contest, will be held right on campus in Luleå, says Kristofer Sellberg.

Winner of the competition in Måttsundsbacken, was Daniel Nyberg. In second place was Jesper Vestman and in third place Christopher Hendler.


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Published: 29 March 2012

Updated: 6 December 2013

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