Image: Production of high-performance steel
Production of high-performance steel

Research on high-performance steel for wind turbines and other products

High-strength steel in the towers for wind turbines is one of several research projects presented at a seminar at Luleå University. It is the university's Center for High Performance Steel - CHS - that arrange the seminar. At the same time CHS corporate projects and future vision will be highlighted.

- The competitiveness of Swedish industry, particularly companies in Norrbotten, benefit from advanced research on high-strength steel and within that area CHS and Luleå University of Technology are leading, said Mats Oldenburg, Professor of Solid Mechanics of LTU, and also director of the CHS.

At a seminar organized by CHS, called CHS 2015, several research projects was highlighted, both PhD-, and industrial projects. Researchers from the LTU participate as well as representatives from the companies. Research on high-strength steel towers for wind turbines, automotive-related research in micro-and nanostructures for improving the quality of the high strength steel, friction and wear between the tool and topic of hot forming of high strength steel for the automotive industry among others. That is some examples of PhD projects beeing discussed at the seminar.

CHS is also working with a number of direct industry related projects in collaboration with companies that will be reported. In addition, the visions and plans for CHS future activities will be presented.

In addition to researchers and graduate students from Luleå University of Technology, attended by representatives of Olofsfors AB, Rerail Ltd, Accra / Linde + Wiemann, Scancon Industrimontage AB.

Published: 27 March 2011

Luleå University of Technology