Publikationer vid energiteknik

  1. A method for the simulation and optimization of district heating systems with meshed networks. /Vesterlund, Mattias; Dahl, Jan .

    i:Energy Conversion and Management , Vol. 89, 2015, s. 555–567.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  2. Assessing the climate impact of district heating systems with combined heat and power production and industrial excess heat. / Olsson, Linda; Wetterlund, Elisabeth ; Söderström, Mats.

    i:Resources, Conservation and Recycling , Vol. 96, 03.2015, s. 31-39.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  3. Benchmark modeling of the Sleipner CO2 plume : Calibration to seismic data for the uppermost layer and model sensitivity analysis. / Zhu, Chen; Zhang, Guanru; Lu, Peng; Meng, Lifeng; Ji, Xiaoyan .

    i:International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control , 2015.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  4. Biomass gasification fundamentals to support the development of BTL in forest industry. / Moilanen, Antero; Lehtinen, Jere ; Kurkela, Minna; Muhola, Mirja; Tuomi, Sanna; Carlsson, Per; Öhman, Marcus ; Matas Güell, Berta; Sandquist, Judit; Lundgren, Joakim; Andersson, Jim; Umeki, Kentaro; Ma, Charlie ; Kurkela, Esa; Wiinikka, Henrik ; Wang, Liang; Backman, Rainer.

    Espoo : Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) , 2015. 201 s. (V T T Technology; Nr 210).

    Publikation: ForskningRapport

  5. CO2 Gasification Kinetics of Algal and Woody Char Procured under Different Pyrolysis Conditions and Heating Rates. /Kirtania, Kawnish ; Bhattacharya, Sankar.

    i:A C S Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering , Vol. 3, Nr 2, 05.01.2015, s. 365-373.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  6. Influence of process parameters on the performance of an oxygen blown entrained flow biomass gasifier. /Weiland, Fredrik; Wiinikka, Henrik ; Hedman, Henry; Wennebro, Jonas; Pettersson, Esbjörn; Gebart, Rikard .

    i:Fuel , Vol. 153, 2015, s. 510–519.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  7. Kinetic Study of Catalytic Steam Gasification of Biomass by Using Reactive Flash Volatilisation. / Chan, Fan Liang; Umeki, Kentaro ; Tanksale, Akshat.

    i:ChemCatChem , 2015.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  8. Pressurized entrained flow gasification of pulverized biomass : Experimental characterization of process performance. /Weiland, Fredrik .

    Luleå tekniska universitet, 2015. (Doctoral thesis / Luleå University of Technology).

    Publikation: ForskningDoktorsavhandling

  9. Slagging in Fixed bed Combustion of Phosphorus-Poor Biomass : Critical Ash Forming Processes and Compositions. /Näzelius, Ida-Linn ; Fagerström, Jonathan; Boman, Christoffer ; Boström, Dan; Öhman, Marcus .

    i:Energy & Fuels , Vol. 29, Nr 2, 06.01.2015, s. 894-908.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel


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