Laboratory equipment at Musical performance

In 2007, inaugurated the new Concert Hall, Studio Acusticum (, whose ceiling he raised and lowered up to 5 feet by an electric motor. This allows a considerable variation in the acoustics can be achieved (between 1.2 and 2.6 seconds of reverberation), which means that the hall can be adapted for different types of concerts and also can serve as a musical, technically sound and acoustic laboratory, in which the relationship between acoustic properties and music-making are examined.

In Studio Acusticum built right now pioneering innovative organ of one of Europe's foremost organ builder, Gerald Woehl, Marburg, Germany ( The inauguration is scheduled for March 2012. The organ has a classic heart-related German 1700s, and in addition a large number of voices representing various 1800 - and 1900-century traditions. It will also contain a number of known efficacy register of slagverkstyp and a unique harmonic work that enables entirely new timbres. The organ will also be playable over the Internet. Two research projects have the organ in Studio Acusticum who focus: a PhD project (João Segurado) and one of the Research Council funded project (project leader: Prof. Hans-Ola Ericsson).

Major importance for artistic research and development work also has the professional chamber ensemble Norrbotten NEO (, formed in 2007, which is a leading ensemble specializing in contemporary music. Artistic Director is Professor Petter Sundkvist. Norrbotten NEO is domiciled in Studio Acusticum.

Even otherwise, the institution is well equipped for interdisciplinary research in which music and technology are combined. Recording equipment is among the best in Sweden and includes advanced digital recording and editing as well as microphones and mixing desks of the highest professional standard.

Published: 31 March 2011

Luleå University of Technology