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Alexander Kaplan leads the project Forum for Industrial Future

Laser welding strengthens Swedish engineering industry

Swedish engineering industry will be more competitive by using new technologies such as laser welding, new IT solutions and new ways of working. Various successful opportunities to strengthen the manufacturing industry is developed and is now being tested out of 20 Swedish and Finnish engineering company in collaboration with researchers from the LTU and University of Oulu.


The engineering industry accounts for a large share of Swedish exports. In order to stand strong in competition and cooperation with countries like China a sustainable development of industry is necessary.


  • Forum for Industrial Future, FIF, is a project where engineering companies have the unique opportunity to calmly discuss significant sustainable developments, says Professor Alexander Kaplan, Division of Product and Production.


The 20 small-and medium-sized manufacturing companies will identify development needs and how production can be optimized, eg by means of laser welding, distance communication, or new ways of working. New ideas are coming forward to be tested. Welding is a complex process where the requirements for product safety are high. Laser welding may be used for new materials with higher strength, at high welding speed and precision. The LTU has a unique collective expertise in the field of welding / laser welding. The research covers everything from the strength of welded products for precision in the welding process and how the introduction of new welding equipment is dependent upon work methods and skills. New research about how carbon nanotubes-wire can be laser welded into metal to improve its mechanical properties, is an example of innovative approaches.


  • The interest in laser welding is great and today there is a lot of good research in the area, which hopefully can be utilized even better out in the industry, says Alexander Kaplan.


Text: Åsa Svedjeholm

Page Editor and Contact: Hans Engström

Published: 7 March 2012

Updated: 12 March 2014

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