Illustration: Peter Bomark
Illustration: Peter Bomark

Wood Products Engineering

Wood Products Engineering includes research and development of end-user wood products in a model world where the requirements integrates with
the material and production processes.


  1. Wood production and products for end-costumers in a learning landscape ‒Modules for flexible learning in the Wood value chain
  2. Sensing, monitoring and simulation of wood production processes and products 
  3. CAE tools in a virtual wood value chain
  4. Real - Virtual – Reality applications for solid and engineered wood


  1. Monitoring timber bridges and wood constructions, sensors and models.
  2. Modeling and Simulations based on multi-dimensional measurement information with real-time perspectives gathered from research and industrial applications.
  3. Simulation and Optimization in Virtual Environments. In collaboration with other research areas develop serious gaming, industrial systems and R & D applications for industrial wood processes.
  4. Real - Virtual – Reality applications in wood industry based on 3D scanning and industrial sensing.
  5. Robotics in wood processes


Professor Olle Hagman

Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics

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Published: 30 June 2014

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