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Alessandro Bertoni is a Ph.D. Student at the division of Innovation and Design, on the subject of Functional Product Development with a focus on Value Driven Design for Product/Service Systems.

Research description

A Product/Service System is defined as a special case of “servitization”, a market proposition that extends the traditional functionality of a product by incorporating additional services. In supplying PSS the emphasis is on the ‘sale of use´ rather than the ‘sale of product’. The customer no longer pays for the ownership of a product, but pays for using an asset or getting a result, avoiding additional costs usually associated with the ownership. The adoption of PSS not only implies relevant changes on how the combination of products are services are sold, but impact also the way in which product and services are designed and concepts generated.
My research has the objective of enhancing the value assessment of product/service systems alternatives in the preliminary design phase, by adopting a Value-Driven Design strategy, aiming at increasing the awareness of decision makers while dealing with Multi Attribute Decision Making problems. The research is conducted through workshops, physical meetings, informal interviews and company site visits. The findings of the research are further analyzed in the light of new theories.
My research focuses on two main topics. The development of methodologies, and establishment of criteria, to adopt a Value-Driven Design strategy in PSS preliminary design phase, and the visualization of value trade-off between alternative PSS designs, with respect on the impact on perceived value and stated needs and expectations.


Curriculum Vitae


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Published: 23 June 2011

Updated: 23 June 2011

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