Marcus Öhman

Titel: Professor, Ämnesföreträdare
Organisation: Luleå tekniska universitet
Enhet: Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
Avdelning: Energivetenskap
Forskningsämne: Energiteknik
Telefon: 0920-491977
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Ort: Luleå


Born 1969 in Luleå, married, two daughter's 15/7 year (Klara/Alva) and one son 13 year (Emil).
Degrees in energy engineering and inorganic-/thermal process chemistry. PhD in high temperature chemistry (Umeå University) and Associate Professor (Docent) in thermo-chemical energy conversion (Umeå University). Twenty years’ experience of R&D work in the area of thermo-chemical biomass conversion both at the Department of Inorganic Chemistry/Energy Technology and Thermal Process Chemistry at Umeå University (Assistant professor 2003-2006, Senior Lecturer 2003, Adj. Senior Lecturer 2002-2003; Ph D 1995-1999, Project Assistant 1993-1994) at Energy Technology Center in Piteå (Research Leader 2006, Laboratory Manager/Senior Scientist 1999-2003; Development Manager 1997-1998) and in my own company (1997-2001). Extensive and close collaboration with industry and institutes, especially LKAB, Skellefteå Kraft AB, Vattenfall, Bioenergy 2020+, ETC, Swerea-MEFOS, SP, VTT, Sintef and local, regional and national enterprises. Presently (since 2007), Chaired Professor in Energy Engineering and Head of Division, Division of Energy Science at Luleå University of Technology.


Thermochemical biomass conversion


F7010T Fuels, combustion and gasification technologies

F7013T Energy technology, project course

W0016T Fuels and combustion technologies


Fishing and Hunting


  1. Combustion of Biosolids in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed: Part I: Main Ash Forming Elements and Ash Distribution with a Focus on Phosphorus

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    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  2. Influence of peat ash composition on particle emissions and slag formation in biomass grate co-combustion

    Fagerström, J.,Näzelius, I-L. ,Gilbe, C. , Boström, D.,Öhman, M.& Boman, C.11 apr 2014 i :Energy & Fuels .28 ,5 ,s. 3403-34119 s.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  3. Time dependence of bed particle layer formation in fluidized quartz bed combustion of wood-derived fuels

    He, H. , Boström, D. &Öhman, M.18 jun 2014 i :Energy & Fuels .28 ,6 ,s. 3841-38488 s.

    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel

  4. Ash transformations in pulverised fuel co-combustion of straw and woody biomass

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    Publikation: Forskning - peer-reviewTidskriftsartikel


Publicerad: 14 februari 2007

Uppdaterad: 22 januari 2014

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