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Impregnating Paper Honeycomb with resins

Publicerad: 9 mars 2015

Axxor are offering two internships one on impregnating paper honeycomb with resins. Axxor is a global manufacturer of high quality paper honeycombs with it’s main markets in furniture, automotive and building & construction.

This specific internship will focus on optimizing mechanical/material performance of the impregnated paper honeycomb versus the price of the impregnation by using different resin systems. As part of this project several resin systems, such as Epoxy, Polyester, Polyurethane, Acrylic and Phenolic resins will be selected and tested in application. A special small- scale automated impregnation machine was developed to support this project. Formulation work to get the different resin systems operational in the impregnation machine and application is part of the assignment. 

This second internship will focus on translating a laboratory scale to large- scale production. Several chemical platforms/ resins are selected in the laboratory to impregnate paper honeycomb. Proof of concept is achieved on functionality. The main aim of this internship is to support in creating proof of concept for the impregnation process. This means designing and developing hardware (mechanical) solutions for continuous impregnation/production. Such process should include; impregnation, expanding and curing. Ultimately this should lead to a small-scale production unit that could be used for producing small volumes of product for testing and customer sampling. Producing such samples is part of the assignment.



Principle supervisor : Rudolf Wessels, Managing Director of Axxor IPHC BV, Email: r.wessels@axxor.eu