Mini courses gave a taste of university studies

Published: 30 March 2017

Students from across the country visited Luleå University of Technology for two days to participate in this year's mini courses. Students had lectures and practical sessions and got to meet teachers and students and also experiences the stimulating environment at the University.

Students were free to choose among the 23 mini courses offered by the university's six departments. There was a wide range of areas such as bridge building, internet, graphic design, radio, fire drill, energy, minerals, AI, sound engineering, health, education, programming, space, healthcare and dance.

One of the mini courses was future materials where students learned more about different materials. Then they applied the theory they learned by doing a lab (see slideshow above), where the aim was to try to identify a number of polymers. Polymer is what we in daily speech call plastic. By controlling the selection of additive materials to the polymer we may develop a variety of types of plastic with different applications. Today, plastics are used in everything from packaging to the automotive industry, and in the future they can be used in even more engineering applications.

Positive impressions

Two students who took part in the mini courses, including future materials, were David Brandberg and Tobias Lindroth, both from Hulebäcksgymnasiet in Mölnlycke just outside Gothenburg.

– I got a positive impression of LTU, a nice university with interesting programs. After high school, I will probably read computer science, either at Luleå University of Technology or Chalmers, says David Brandberg.

– It was fun to come up here and LTU is definitively on my radar now. I think I will seek an education within computer/IT, probably at Chalmers, says Tobias Lindroth.

Alva Andersson came from the northernmost part of the country, Rymdgymnasiet in Kiruna. She was considering to continue with higher studies at Luleå University of Technology.

– My impression of the university is that it seems to be a fun university with good fellowship and good teachers. I've thought about searching the nursing programme. LTU is one of the universities I am considering.

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