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Liva Pupure

Liva Pupure
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Artikel i tidskrift

Mechanical properties of natural fiber composites produced using dynamic sheet former (2020)

Pupure. L, Varna. J, Joffe. R, Berthold. F, Miettinen. A
Wood Material Science & Engineering, Vol. 15, nr. 2, s. 76-86
Kapitel i bok, del av antologi

Characterization of viscoelasticity, viscoplasticity, and damage in composites (2019)

Varna. J, Pupure. L
Ingår i: Creep and Fatigue in Polymer Matrix Composites
Artikel i tidskrift

Effect of food chemicals and temperature on mechanical reliability of bio-based glass fibers reinforced polyamide (2019)

Basso. M, Piselli. A, Simonato. M, Furlanetto. R, Pupure. L, Joffe. R, et al.
Composites Part B, Vol. 157, s. 140-149
Artikel i tidskrift

Nonlinear creep behaviour of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (2019)

Impact of aging on stiffness degradation
Basso. M, Pupure. L, Simonato. M, Furlanetto. R, De Nardo. L, Joffe. R
Composites Part B, Vol. 163, s. 702-709