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The Faste Laboratory

The Faste Laboratory is a leading inter-disciplinary innovation environment. In close cooperation with industrial partners we are working with the concept of Functional Product Innovation to become a significant contributor to sustainable growth.

Vision of the Faste Laboratory

Functions are provided, optimizing the value-chain win-win from a lifecycle perspective and thereby significantly contributing to sustainable responsible growth


To show how physical artefacts and services may be designed and developed to become an element in a total offer, as well as enhance integrated product development to extend towards functional product development. The Faste Laboratory will therefore become a leading resource for sustainable growth.


To unleash the full potential of Functional Product Innovation four key competence areas have been identified and integrated within the Faste Laboratory innovation environment. 

Key competence areas

Business- and Organization Management is necessary to address challenges related to value creation, delivery and capturing (win-win), organization and gender equality and diversity. Capabilities within Information and Knowledge Sharing are crucial in order to manage the required extensive information and knowledge flows during FP lifecycles. Due to the complexity of functional products, competences to develop, operate, reuse and recycle (circularity) all the constituents are critical and is organized within the Life-Cycle Processes area. Finally, within optimization of performance, competencies are located with capabilities to predict and optimise functional product performance during the lifecycles for utilization of the complete design- and operation space.

Key competence areas