Nanocomposites Group

Developing new environmentally friendly, multifunctional nanostructured composites

The group works with nano-sized materials ethier created by nature such as nano cellulose whiskers or are man-made such as carbon nanotubes.  The challenges the group addresses in its research are such areas as processing technologies, dispersion and distribution of the particles as well as characterization methods. 

The dominant industrial applications of these materials lie in the medical, membranes and transportation. The collaboration team from the LTU, SICOMP and industry that work on the various projects include:

Wood and bionanocomposites Processum
Polymer Engineering Xylophane
Chemical Engineering  SEKAB
Machine elements Volvo Aero
Applied Mathematics  
Fluids Mechanics  
Swerea SICOMP  
Materials Physics  

Sidansvarig och kontakt: Yvonne Aitomäki

Publicerad: 6 oktober 2015


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