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Strengthened Nordic hydrogen cooperation

Published: 27 January 2023

Over two days, 150 experts, investors and decision-makers from above all Sweden and Finland gathered at Luleå University of Technology to increase cooperation within the Nordic hydrogen industry. At the conference, a number of action points were developed which will form the basis of a joint action plan for the Gulf of Bothnia, which is planned to become the world's largest hydrogen gulf.

– We want to create a strong hydrogen cluster in the Nordics to strengthen the green transition and showcase the Nordics as a forerunner in hydrogen by gathering and showing actual joint projects, says Cecilia Wallmark, Director of Luleå University of Technology's hydrogen venture CH2ESS (Centre for Hydrogen Energy Systems Sweden).

Important to attract labor

The action points that the participants jointly developed during the conference revolve around, among other things, strengthening the dialogue between industry and academia in order to clarify the needs for education and strengthen the exchange between the countries even more.

– It is also important to us that we can attract labor and show how fun it is to work with hydrogen. In addition to that, the creation of cross-border subcontractor chains for the hydrogen industry in the area is of the utmost importance for the industry to grow, says Cecilia Wallmark.

The conference was organized by Luleå University of Technology, Invest in Norrbotten, Swerim, Both2nia and Rise. During two days, the participants could listen to initiated lecturers, network and visit industrial partners and go on a tour of Luleå University of Technology's various laboratories connected to hydrogen research.

Great desire for increased cooperation

– It has been incredibly fun and important days and absolutely fantastic to see the great interest in developing hydrogen technology, strengthening the market and feeling the great desire to expand cooperation and innovation based on industrial activities in northern Sweden and Finland, says Cecilia Wallmark and continues.

– Our focus revolved around investment, collaborations and training as well as how we should work to expand our offerings so that we can get better at including small and medium-sized companies in the area. The ambition to catalyze dialogue and to jointly take a big step forward in cooperation in hydrogen was really fulfilled during these days.

Also from the side of the co-organizer BotH2nia, they were satisfied with the days and hope for an even closer collaboration in the future.

– In my work, I am tasked with creating the conditions for both national and international cooperation, and since the conditions in Finland and Sweden are quite similar, it is natural for us to focus on Sweden first, says Minna Näsman, contact person at BotH2nia.


Cecilia Wallmark

Wallmark, Cecilia - Operational Manager, Centre for Hydrogen Energy Systems Sweden, CH2ESS

Organisation: TVM, Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
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