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Centre for Hydrogen Energy Systems Sweden - CH2ESS

CH2ESS is a research and knowledge initiative at Luleå University of Technology with a focus on hydrogen use in industrial processes and energy systems, in close collaboration with Swedish industry.

Currently, several important research, innovation and pilot initiatives are being implemented in the hydrogen area in northern Sweden. Our starting point is real needs and important challenges with our partners, and therefore we have a special focus on the large hydrogen investments that are taking place in northern Sweden.

The research initiative takes a holistic approach to the production, storage and transport of hydrogen and includes process integration and the electric power system. We are planning a core of heavy experimental activities in Luleå University of Technology's pilot plant for fuel synthesis, LTU Green Fuels. We also invest in sub-projects that are theoretical or that use the advanced lab scale equipment available at our university, and which are based on the possibilities of digitalisation.

At Luleå University of Technology, research and education go hand in hand, which means that our research areas have a strong connection to our educations - with benefit for society. The large-scale investments in the hydrogen area, not least in northern Sweden, need a large number of civil engineers and other qualified personnel with relevant skills. In collaboration with companies within CH2ESS, we further develop research and training so that they match the needs for hydrogen competence.