Published: 9 January 2009

Our website library is mainly published in Swedish but we are working on translating more and more pages into English.

Library cathegories

Introduction: describes the problem area and gives som examples on real-world problems. A suitable start for anyone who wants to know more about the area of long-term preservation.

Overall on LDP:
deals with the topic as a whole.

Digital objects: mostly about file formats and meta data.

Databases: specific problems on long-term preservation of information in data bases.

Web: Why preserve websites and how, with what tools?

Preservation planning:
management issues as strategies, preservation plan, roles and responsibility, selection policies and risk management.

Documentation: various methods for documentation of digital material and standards in the area.

Archive storage:
on rationalizing your storage, automatised processed, security and the cost of digital preservation. Also about various types of storage media and their usage and handling.

Tools for preservation: describes and evaluates existing tools for digital preservation in: file formats, meta data, open repositories and web crawling. Preferentially Open Source tools.

Nordic countries: The aim with this cathegory is to monitor what happens in the Nordic countries. Our wish is that this also can extend co-operation between the countries. Here you will find information about each of the countries as well as joint projects in and between the countries.

International projects: A introduction to projects, actvities and joint committees where also other countries than the Nordic participates.

Publications in English: Gives you access to documents written in English.

The Swedish Library also contains a glossary describing important concepts and abbreviations.