About the LDP Centre

Published: 7 March 2011

It is well known how to preserv documents made of paper over a very long period, but there is still no established way to permanently save digital information.

Data carriers (magnetic tapes, optical discs, HDD´s etcetra) have a short life length and systems and computers outmodes quickly. At the same time huge amounts of information are created digitally.

Therefore we have to find a way to preserv digital information for hundreds of years. This is the mission for the LDP Centre.

Our mission

The activities cover digital long-term preservation for archives, libraries and museums. As a starting point we look for solutions common for all cultural sectors.

Researcher from Lulea University of Technology and other universities in Sweden are working close with our developers, which together with our work for several cultural sectors give us strength in preservation area.


The LDP Centre consists today of The National Archives of Sweden and Luleå University of Technology working together with long-term digital preservation and access. 

Center formation

Center formations is a form of co-operation between different parts, called members.

The co-operation can take many different forms. In our point of view we can work with a number of municipalities detecting the same problems. But it can also be organizations from different areas dealing with similar challenges, were we find co-operation appropriate. It is the members needs that decides which joint projects will be implemented.