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Space Campus in Kiruna and rocket launch from Esrange
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New Centre of Excellence in space

Published: 22 December 2020

Luleå University of Technology and Swedish Space Corporation, SSC, deepens their collaboration. Thanks to a cooperation agreement with SSC, the university starts a Centre of Excellence within space, Centre for Space Technology.

The purpose of the Centre for Space Technology is to make academia and industry grow and develop together.

– For a university, the community-building connection to industry is very important, there must be contact points for both research and education, says Olle Persson, Operations Manager at Centre for Space Technology.

– My role will be to connect academia and industry, to help them understand each other. Of course, also about finding joint projects and funding.

More opportunities

SSC and Luleå University of Technology already have a long history of extensive collaborations behind them. The new centre will contribute to more joint project opportunities and also collaboration around space-related infrastructure and lab environments.

– The space industry is in a fantastically exciting phase, and development is happening very quickly. The high pace of innovation required for SSC to continue to be a leading global player presupposes good and close collaborations with universities and other partners. With this formalized collaboration, we can deepen our relations with Luleå University of Technology and increase our innovation capacity and continue to stay at the forefront of development, says Karin Holmqvist, Head of Innovation Programme Strategy at SSC.

Olle Persson confirms that picture:

– SSC is the dominant engine on the Swedish space arena. We are incredibly happy that our collaboration has been formalized.

Interdisciplinary collaborations

In addition to the obvious connection to the research subjects Atmospheric Science and Onboard Space Systems, the centre will hopefully create synergies with several of the university's research areas.

– Space can have bearing on many different subjects and we would like to acquire knowledge and competence from other research subjects. It can be anything from Engineering Materials to Psychology, says Olle Person.