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Instance Lab

Published: 23 May 2021

Instance lab has been established since 2018, as part of the Master program in Information Security with great success and recognition. The Lab has since evolved into a more dynamic platform that can serve not only education within Information Security, but a platform with an adaptable application layer for creating the possibility to change application domains feasible for specific need for any firm, organization or scenario at any given time.

Instance Lab - An interactive platform for cyber security training

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Introducing Instance Lab, for practical cyber security training on distance, virtually, or physically. The objective is to provide an interactive platform for practical, hands-on learning using realistic scenarios, tailored exercises, and gamified challenges. Instance Lab emphasizes a safe, isolated training environment where users dare test, experiment, and do faults.

Instance Lab provide a flexible platform for any information security topic in a safe, dynamic and isolated environment. The labplatform provides the ability to practice and exercise custom scenarios, on distance, virtually or physically that suits your need. Tailor scenarios based on your needs, like cybersecurity training for employees, threat intelligence teaching, stress or penetration testing of your services and products. The name Instance comes from the philosophy that every scenario requires dedicated and isolated IT environments, instances, that can be created and deployed on demand.


Services & Solutions

Cyber Safety Awareness Training

As acts of human error or failure remains one of the largest threats to organizations along side ever more sophisticated cyber attacks, employees are both the target as well as the first line of defense.

  • Train employees to identify phishing, ransomware, social engineering and other threats
  • Maximize employee productivity by reducing malware and other IT-security issues on employee computers
  • Satisfy compliance requirements for employees

Threat Response and Mitigation

Malicious content, deliberate software attacks, hardware and software failure threatens your organization's brand, reputation and customers. These threats, both digital and physical, requires instant remediation, no matter the time of day or night. A sophisticated response requires robust tactics and mitigation strategies, that has been prepared and exercised.

  • Simulate technical software failure or errors
  • Exercise real time attacks including deliberate software attacks, qualityofservice deviations from service providers or denialofservice
  • Plan rapid response to common online threats, such as malware, phishing, stolen credentials, rogue applications and more...

Risk Management

There are many ways of managing your organization's risks, and is defendant on knowledge and experience. Being able to customize a sophisticated threat analysis for your organization requires guidance and practice.

  • Actionable risk identification, evaluation and analysis
  • Ability to analyze threat impact on your organization
  • Cyber attack surface analysis and likelihood
Martin Lundgren

Martin Lundgren

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