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Instance Lab

Instance lab has been established since 2018, as part of the Master program in Information Security with great success and recognition. The Lab has since evolved into a more dynamic platform that can serve not only education within Information Security, but a platform with an adaptable application layer for creating the possibility to change application domains feasible for specific need for any firm, organization or scenario at any given time.

Martin Lundgren, Åsa Ericsson, Johan Lugnet, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson
Card game for better information security

When a company is exposed to digital threats and attacks, there can be major consequences. To increase the understanding of digital threats and risks, researchers at Luleå University of Technology have developed a new tool – a card game.

CBTL: Create-Build-Test-Learn

The Create-Build-Test-Learn supports toolbox for engineering concept development motivates not only experimentation, but also instils design thinking in teams. By offering tools and methods for reconstruction of the design challenge, the approach prevents teams to jump into a solution too quickly. When using prototyping as a team resource, reframing of the problem becomes part of the process, ensuring that efforts are put on solving the right problem. Here you will find a description of the contents in the toolbox. CBTL has been designed in particular to support SMEs.