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UNDIS – Underhållande digital säkerhet Processindustrin arbetar kontinuerligt med att optimera sina

Published: 8 September 2020

The project, which consists of representatives from the process industry, IT companies and academia, examines human and technical challenges with digital security.

The process industry works continuously to optimize its processes, partly because, for example, artificial intelligence and other types of digitization technologies enable new solutions, and partly because efficiency improvements make the processes more climate-smart. Automation and digitization provide more connected systems and increased third-party collaborations. Exchange of information and data becomes inevitable, and information and production systems are integrated, ie. IT systems and OT systems. These systems have different functions. IT has the function of opening up to the outside world, while OT has the function of controlling and controlling production. With the introduction of sensors and other connected digital solutions, the paths into the systems become many more. It is well known that IT is a door opener for cybercriminals, where the gullibility of employees is used to get in.
The project will examine human and technical challenges with digital security, and concretize the results in learning scenarios and recommendations for competence-enhancing measures. The questions that drive the work are:
What challenges for digital security arise in connection with emerging technologies?
What can competence-enhancing measures look like?
And, can modern training with game elements, so-called gamification, be suitable for proactive efforts?
Dr. Martin Lundgren is an active postdoc in the program, together with the academic representatives Professor Åsa Ericson and Dr. Johan Lugnet. Martin has recently defended his dissertation in information security and risk management.
Companies that are involved as needs owners in the project are LKAB, Comfact AB, Kaunis Iron, Smurfit Kappa.