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501 Internationalization wooden bridges

Published: 5 March 2013

The goal of the project is to map the situation of wooden bridges in Europe and outside of Europe, ie to find out which companies and organizations that produce, develop and conduct research in the field of timber bridges (benchmarking). To get in touch with these companies and organizations and establish cooperation with them. To find out the primary obstacle in the form of laws, rules, etc. that complicate the use of wooden bridges in different countries. To find out the challenges, trends and innovations in timber bridges

Area: Industrial wood construction
Budget: 600 000 SEK
Timetable: december 2012 - December 2013
Project Manager: Mats Ekevad, LTU

Funding: Vinnova

Impact and results

Knowledge of the conditions above, and contacts with these companies and organizations. Knowing about possible cooperation in the future. Reports and meetings where results are reported.

Planned structure and implementation

The project lists possible, known contacts and make a priority in this list. Contact with selected sought and established and a tour planned for them.

Final Report