809 The foundation stone coffins made of wood - Trälandfästen

Published: 10 March 2009

The project aims to develop knowledge that enables the product wood abutments to get acceptance by the Swedish Vägverket and ultimately increase the use of wood.

Area: Industrial wood construction
Budget: 425,000 SEK
Timetable: January 2009 - December 2011
Project Manager: Peter Jacobson, Martinson Träbroar


Foundations with timbered stone coffins is an ancient technique used for bridges, docks, buoys, etc. MartinsonTräbroar AB has applied technology since 10-15 years back as abutments for overpasses. Country brackets constructed of sawn impregnated wood nailed together. Methods for the calculations on the strenght of wooden abutments are lacking today. Assessing life-cycle is also difficult. So far wooden abutments mainly are used for low-volume private roads. The interest for the product has grown and many private road associations see it as a very competitive solution against the options currently on the market. To meet the interest of the potential market of roads with government grants require that the product bearing capacity can be verified in accordance with the Swedish Vägverket requirements.

Purpose, objectives and boundaries

The project aims to develop knowledge that allows the product to gain acceptance at the Swedish Vägverket and ultimately increase the use of wood.

The project's goal is to present a life-cycle cost, a calculation methodology and design solutions that allow wooden abutments can be verified by calculations for loads under the Swedish Vägverket and  Bronorm 2004th