810 811 Requirements and measurement methods, Part 3

Published: 24 August 2012

The aim is to simplify and clarify for users and industry what is expected of an outdoor product. The project will be the demanding client who needs wood for sustainable outdoor products.

Area: Durability of wood
Budget: 2 300 000 SEK
Timetable: January 2011-December 2012
Project Manager: Karin Sandberg, SP Wood


The "Requirements and methods" is an "improvement" to improve long-term and
develop outdoor constructions of wood and transfer information between different actors in
construction chain. The project is a continuation of TCNs project No. 248309th
The previous projects within the program has developed a handbook, a guide and requirements criteria
Façade (P-marked facade) and conducted seminars to present the results and get
acceptance from customers. We have come a long way in promoting
quality assured primed panel. However, the implementation of the regulatory framework for guarantees on facades
is left.

Experience from the previous work has shown the need for long-term work and commitment
from industry and a forum that drives issues to implement the changes. The
specify the requirements is only the beginning. The most time-consuming work is to claims accepted and
use of eg planners, builders' merchants and buyers / owners. This work is a process
requiring continuous efforts to gain acceptance and impact.
Difficulties at the detailed design is often used in splicing or joining of parts
and exposure of end grain. Resistance of wood is a collaboration with other materials and
therefore needed a partnership with operators whose products are used in conjunction with wood to take
to be wood in the best way. Together, the timber industry to require improvements and
changes. Although the impact on regulatory stages AMA House AMA Construction is

Within Wood Build program (which this project contributes to) the methods developed
simulation of life based on local climate and degradation rate of the material.
This means that you should be able to use a planning tool for making moisture planning
and risk analysis.


According to the General Conditions for Sale of Goods in commercial construction, ABM 07, is
liability period is 10 years and starts with a warranty period of 5 years. Underwriting Agreement means that the seller is
required to remedy the errors that appear during the warranty period. Seller is not responsible for
that due to improper assembly or installation, lack of maintenance, improper maintenance,
negligence, abnormal usage or otherwise attributable to the buyer. The buyer is obliged to follow
and document agreed maintenance and care.
Should guarantees be provided;
- Products must be certified and labeled for traceability to the supplier.
- Need for control of material properties that meet quality compliance and
to ensure good performance.
- There must be a consensus in the industry that provides clear signals to
consumers and facilitates dialogue and communication

Guarantees against professional builders should not be a problem as consideration
in terms of the relevance checked during the inspection. Handling the construction site is hard
to control but may be controlled by management control. A collective guarantee GDSmarknaden
is more difficult to control and monitor.
Requirements and methods for various wood products shall be the basis to be able to promise
guarantees in the future. The results are compiled in the specifications of the manufacturer and guides
Users. Design of timber structures and valuation of these.

Purpose, objectives and boundaries

The aim is to simplify and clarify for users and industry what is expected of a
outdoor product. The project will be the demanding client who needs wood for
development of sustainable outdoor products.
The vision is new and better wood products with good structural design, materials and
surface treatment to increase resistance while taking into account production and
The goals are to
- Transfer of skills and knowledge between research, manufacturing and end-users.
We participate in two knowledge dissemination activities such as seminars and breakfast meetings per year.
- Define measurable requirements and parameters, thereby improving the wood above ground.
The improvement can include all or parts of the product process chain ie planning,
manufacturing (material parameters), performing assembly, handling, finishing or
maintenance.The requirements and parameters, if possible, be linked to a guarantee and
described in the guides.
Within three years, we have,
- Taken up guides for facade systems such as facade panels, cladding and attachment which
specify performance levels and performance.
- Completed a guide for wooden balconies and one of the screens in the research program
Wood Build.
- Evaluating what the warranty does and what enhanced quality of facades are
- Developed custom sheets for sellers and users of facades and facade systems.

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