8101 Glulam Facade System

Published: 7 March 2013

The aim is to achieve longer service intervals (15-20 years) for laminated veneers.

Area: Durability of wood
Budget: 300 000 SEK
Schedule: February - December 2013
Project Manager: Karin Sandberg, SP Wood

Funding: ERDF


The project has come about as a result of the project analysis conducted in 2012, where it was revealed that a priority for the industrial träbyggarna and also indirectly sawmills as a material supplier (increased use of wood), longer maintenance intervals of laminated veneers.


Subproject aims to achieve longer service intervals (optimally 15-20 years). The facts, knowledge and experience gathered in the completed subproject 810 Requirements and measurement, translated and applied in this project.

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Final Report

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