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823 Facade Solutions and facade systems in wood

Published: 28 August 2012

The project aims to develop a prestudy to identify the market for future façade systems.

Area: Durability of wood
Budget: 280 000 SEK
Duration: January 2011-December 2011
Project Manager: Karin Sandberg, SP Wood


Especially in larger buildings there are requests for sustainable facade system that is easy to install and maintain. The project aims to develop standards and guidelines for the surface elements of wood that can be used for facade cladding for construction and renovation of buildings.

Today, discussions with entrepreneurs and collaboration with those in TCN's project 810 "Requirements and methods of measurement." The timber industry this may in the future lead to the facade solutions with higher processingvalue to market. But there is a need to describe different facade solutions for a complete facade, with knots and connections around windows and doors, including wind discs with dimensions and characteristics in order to avoid incorrect assembly that affects resistance and goodwill. This allows the wood industry expand its range of facade panel and deliver products directly to the object market.

Aims and objectives

The aim is to conduct a prestudy to identify the market for future façade systems. Initially more activities within the project were planned, further work has been transferred to other projects

Final report

The project was completed in 2011 and has resulted in a new project - 830 'wooden facades for the future - components and systems. " Final report for 823 Facade Solutions and facade systems of wood will be included in the final report for the project 830th

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